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Check out our new Youtube channel

Irish Energy News have created a new youtube channel. Irish Energy News TV is a collection of youtube videos from around Ireland covering everything from wind energy to savings on your domestic energy bill. You can access the channel by clicking on the following…

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Hybrid Fuel Cell Public Transport System

Every now and again our faith is restored in new technologies which up until a few years ago seemed to still be very much in the concept phase.

Today in Hamburg in the north of Germany I stepped onto a Hybrid fuel cell bus for…

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Enel Green Power sign an agreement to build a concentrated solar power and biomass plant in Italy

According to Enel Green Power: “The molten salts system will allow the plant to generate electricity in the absence of sunlight here generic viagra. Locally produced biomass will also be transformed into biogas to integrate the ….

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Irish Energy News TV: “Energy in Europe”

Irish Energy News TV have created a new playlist: “Energy in Europe”. The playlist plans to cover energy projects and technologies in Europe. Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/IrishEnergyNewsTV

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Offshore Work on the Interconnector Begins

The energy infrastructure project kopen cialis 5 mg online, connecting the Irish electricity grid and Great Britain advanced significantly today as…

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A Hybrid Power Plant in Germany

Energy generation technology has its boundaries. Today, with the increased costs behind fossil fuels, companies are investing millions to push beyond these boundaries and come up with something more sustainable. One such company is Enertrag.
Enertrag has constructed a power plant which provides around the clock energy with virtually no carbon footprint.The power plant was launched in 2010 and what’s more, to add to the project, they will be opening the worlds first “CO2-neutral” filling station in the centre of Berlin towards the end of this year.
So, how does this “hybrid …